I Love Girls



Newton’s Third Law of Motion, Today:

Lena Dunham, looking like the kind of mermaid who could swim around a

Roadhouse bar, kicking ass,

Her plankton hair and parchment-paper skin superimposed over

The words Allegations and Molestation, then “Rage-spiral,”

Which best explains the formula that is, equal parts, audacity and shame

Matched, as outlined in the “Principia Mathematica Philosophiae Naturalis”

By revulsion and humiliation.

The law also intimates infection:

“And by the way, if you were a little kid and never looked at another little kid’s vagina, well, congrats to you.”

Children are curious, amorous and demented—what a heavy rock she has lifted

What writhing, luminous insects live underneath spelling


With their annular bods and blind, knowing eyes

I love Girls for its dreadful authenticity and, equally, its purposive inauthenticity—

Imagine if the grandmother in Sixteen Candles actually felt up Molly Ringwald

Which is Girls

Or Kevin D. Williamson’s argument which is right

It is disquieting

And wrong

It is every slithering memory of childhood, but naked

So exuberantly naked, so unprettily, beautifully so

As if to say, through the coral lips of the Alien,

That pornography is on occasion heart-rending; that kids are vulgarians

That Dunham’s nudity is nudist camp and as fragile as

A child expelling pebbles from her vagina and laughing

And still laughing, while the violation—the indictment—is the shameful part,

It is a grown man thinking what he is thinking, which is shameful

=a gust of bravura anger, from the sea-witch-cum-siren,

Cum-green Queen.

  • yes, and thank you. When the words in my head abt girls wouldn’t do, you’ve helped with that.

    • lynncrosbie

      Thanks so much!

  • david menear

    Jesus Lynn. How good are you?

    • lynncrosbie

      Little blush-face. Thank you!

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