And Gladwell’s all like, It’s tipped!


This reporter called from Saskatchewan, and asked me to talk about Renée Zelwegger’s face

I thought of the Globe, how they would edit me by saying “Sally Saskatoon won’t understand this!”

I came to feel indignant about Sally Saskatoon

What if there are all of these amazing women in SK, riding Triumphs to work and ratting their hair with switchblades

Fucking in the break room and drinking ice-cold beer, later at a bar

Called Rowdy’s, and Rowdy is an old, sinewy cooler, with scarred mitts and blue velvet eyes

And they sit alone, annotating “The Rape of the Lock” with a six-color ballpoint,

Or recasting it as saleable porn: “The Scrape of the Licks,”

They rumble away, shake out that long, russet-colored hair and fan a blanket by Grassy Lake at the crossroad

At the crosswater between Bow and Oldman

Lie on their girlfriend’s lap on their boyfriend’s lap by her or his idling Mustang

And wonder out loud about the names of things

The Paris of the Prairies, say, is from the Cree, Sâskwatôn,

And Sally is a Hebrew “Princess,”

About the way that things just keep rolling

“She looks like a completely different person!”

Just keep rolling

“Lucky bitch” (between scorching kisses)

They just keep rolling along.

  • Often mystified, always delighted.

    • lynncrosbie

      High praise, Kay. Thank you.

  • Mary Elizabeth Catherine Rogan (yours in Christ)

    God, I love you.

    • lynncrosbie

      Love you right back.

    • lynncrosbie

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