Space Monkey Mafia


Harry Truman Doris Day
New Years resolution
Kiss 30 strangers
After crashing a party
Learn the song
Stumble a lot
Especially on Toscanini Dacron
Find out it was your sister’s only resolution too
Become competitive
Sing “Trouble in the Suez!” at her voice mail
Play the song 10 times a day
Upset the pets
Marvel at the historical specificity of the FIRE (thirty years=”always burning since the world’s been turning”)
At BJ’s desire to be “Insane Don McLean”
Laugh at his initials
Blurt out Chubby Checker Psycho in public
Go out for NY, which you don’t do
Listen to Jimi Hendrix
One of the strangers wore a smart suit and important glasses
That glanced your cheek
Oh, what a kiss! you should have said as the world kept turning
Promising months of tiny, harmless fires,
A deeper resolution: I can’t take it anymore!

  • Sara

    Fat funny thing is BJ– keeps getting fatter and fatter… And less prolific over time. But I wonder if the historical specificity is just as big a marvel as the poetic compression of it all? It’s Forrest Gumpish…
    And I burn to know: your title Space Monkey Mafia, a reference to this distortion of the song

    Finally, your change from yellow to black, the visual equivalent to the deeper resolution or merely an aesthetic choice?

    Always a pleasure to read, because I’m a sadist apparently?

    • lynncrosbie

      Ha ha. He’s got the sickness, same as me. Absolutely love this, a perfect replica of my exhausted/manic brain as I lurch towards singalong perfection. I am s chubby chaser, so his bigness is nice, I think. I wrote a story about him and me in my last book, and sort of fell in love doing so. Thanks for great letter. You are all antidote, no poison: <3 Lynn

      • Sara

        Wow, it really wasn’t the inspiration? Can this be the end of the world as we know it: the advent of digital creation. Such a perfect coincidence of pyrophobia/philia/mania. That or Billy tapped into something deeply human by adjoining Space Monkey and Mafia.

        • lynncrosbie

          Of course he did! My man has mad skills. xo

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