The days unfold


Like a folding knife
Like folded towels, warm and fluffed
Like a worn leather billfold
Like the clothes on CeeLo’s back
Like a letter in an envelope
Like an origami swan
Like folding folded things
Then unfolding them later
The days roll out the red carpet!
It’s showtime, the days say.
The days use cosmetics expertly
The days squeeze me into dresses
The days prod me and I begin to walk
Walk the line folded for me
Many years ago when I, busy growing
Myself, messed up the fold
And deformed my face: one
Eye like the mystery of a fold-out sofa,
One like a folded napkin*
A mouth given to folding at games
A nose like a geological fold
A heart folded in two with serrated
Lines that say CUT HERE
A cut throat from a folding knife.

If insects used linen napkins and good, heavy flatware

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